Off The Page Photography

Lesson 2: Shutter Speed

In this lesson we are going to be talking about shutter speed. Shutter speed has to do with the camera’s shutter in the lens. The shutter is responsible for letting the light into the lens. Now you can start to see how aperture and shutter speed are closely related.

Shutter speed is how much time the shutter of the camera is open for the light to come through. Shutter speed is measured in fractions of a second. An example would be 1/125, or one hundred and fiftieth of a second. Most DSLR cameras can go to about 1/4000th of a second.

Shutter speed is very helpful when you are taking a picture of a moving target. The shutter speed allows the image to be captured at fast speeds so the object that is in motion is frozen in time. If you want the moving object to be clear, than you want a fast shutter speed. On the other hand if you want to see the movement of the object you would use a slower shutter speed. This would result in a blurring of the object from the motion.